Exhaust gas temperature sensor 1.8m 4.7mm

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Sensor for exhaust gas temperature measurement (EGT) with 1.8m cable. mini type-k contact. 1/8 NPT.

Primarily designed to be connected directly to MaxxECU, but obviously work with other systems aswell.
4.7 mm thickness of the sensor.


For tapered thread compression fitting to the stainless steel bung: about 2.5 turns to finger tight, then 3/4 of a wrench turn.
For tapered thread compression fitting to the mild steel bung: about 3.25 turn to finger tight, then 1 wrench turn.

What is important is that the threads do not leak. If the fitting is overtightened with a wrench the fitting will be impossible to remove. It is important that the fitting is not overtightened.