Opel 2.0L C20XE Athena Racing Head Gasket Stainless Steel Ring

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  • Марка: Athena
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ATHENA Stainless Steel Ring Gasket


  • For specific high horsepower applications. engine performance can be significantly improved by using Athena Cooper Ring gaskets. that are supplied with Stainless steel rings.
  • This technology outperforms conventional fire ring solutions. Reinforced material M0115 (see features below): asbestos free composite raw material OE approved.


  • Motorgasket M0115 has a good mechanical and thermal stress. conforms well to sealing faces. Motorgasket M0115 is resistant to oils, fuels, mixtures of water and antifreeze or corrosion inhibitors.
  • Stainless steel ring (AISI 304) separate stainless steel rings assure maximum sealing around cylinder bore also on NOS and/or Turbo Chargers engines where boost is over 2 bars.
  • No head and block machining required.
  • Silicon beading: Silicon-based beading is applied on critical areas to improve sealing around all cooling water and oil passages.


  • Colored: Grey
  • Treatment: For stressed application special coatings are applied. e.g. a PTFE anti-stick coating or a special silicon coating which improves micro-sealing and silicon beading.

Stainless Steel Ring Gasket General Installation Notes

  • Be sure the engravings of the ring are placed facing the engine head.

Stainless Steel Ring Manufacturing Process for Ring Gasket

  1. Pressing Process: Each gasket is pressed to reach the perfect flatness according to the required tolerances.
  2. Silicon Beading: This working process adds a silicon bead over specific gasket areas to increase sealing around liquid passages (water and oil).
  3. Finishing: The application of different superficial coatings enables the gasket to better performance. prevent sticking phenomena and enhance high temperature resistance.
  4. Stainless Steel Ring Assembling: Each gasket supplied with steel ring is manually refined to guarantee perfect Stainless Steel ring installation.

Athena Gasket: High Performance Stainless Steel ring Insert

For specific very high horsepower applications. a conventional or MLS Head Gasket can be significantly improved utilizing a different sealing system for the combustion area.
Athena utilizes a proprietary INOX steel fire ring which offers improved sealing technologies over copper and conventional fire rings.
This solution dramatically increases the cylinder head gasket resistance to extreme.


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